You are ready to build a brand new deck for your house and also have a fair idea of what you need. But you are not sure how your plan will pan out. Hiring a professional can work, but it is usually a costly affair. Worry not, the internet offers a range of choice through which you can design your deck online and see how accurately your deck will turn out. There are free and paid software for you to unleash your creativity. Here are some options available to you.


1. Aztek Deck Designer:

An excellent design software for designing your deck online. The software offers over 140 different options for you to try. Being a freeware design tool, it lets you design decks, railing, lighting, and accessories using azek building materials. You get to see the design in 3D, and the level of detailing is impressive.

2. Deck Designer:

This online tool has a variety of elements to design the ultimate deck. It has octagons, multilevel decks, staircase or wrap around stairs, it has all, and you can complete your design and get a plan to submit for permits. You also get to see the plan in 3d and suggested materials list suitable for your project. If you are unfamiliar with the usage of the software tool, there are video tutorials for you to try.

3. Fiberon Deck Design Tool:

Another online deck design tool, offering the opportunity to create as many deck designs as possible. You can share your ideas with friends through social media as well. The completed deck projects provide your 3D deck plan and material list and an installation checklist.

 4. Lowe’s Deck Designer:

A tool with comparatively simpler designs and lesser options to tweak. The best thing is it does not collect personal information and does not force you to shop from Lowes. A great design tool that offers you step-by-step instruction and material advice for your deck.

5. Big Hammer Deck Designer:

This tool allows you to design your deck and view it in 3d. It has a variety of decking pattern, furniture, grills and it even allows you to add trees or shrubs. It offers multi-view with realistic shading and 3D rotation. You can also choose an existing template and customize it to suit your requirements.

Other Notables:

These are some of the numerous free online tools available to design your deck.  One notable exclusion in the list is Google’s Sketchup. Sketchups free version is very robust, and you can plan almost anything. However, the tool is not specific to deck designing and does not give you advice on material and other specific tools for decks, which is why it is not included in the list. The landscaping pro version offers a better choice.

Besides these online options, there are several paid software which offers a lot of options to the professional. But the average homeowner hardly needs a professional designing software for a one-off exercise. An online free tool is the best choice for homeowners looking to set up a deck.