Everyone loves beautiful backyard buildings such as gazebos, decks and pergolas. They help to expand the useful space of your back garden, to increase the values of your property and also add a lot of charm, no matter if it is a more simple or elaborated structures. But when it comes to building, you need to evaluate what is the best for you, and also to plan the costs and other details that, when not well planned, can create some problems in the mid-term process. So we brought to you 4 steps to decide what you need to make the right decision and also to have the best results when it comes to these outdoors special buildings.

First we need to give an explanation on each of these models. Gazebos usually are pavilion structures in octagonal or turret-shape, being used on a range of places such as public parks, gardens or large backyards. They are free standing, covered with a roof and open on all sides, being used to provide shade, shelter, and ornamental purposes, from a family barbecue on Sunday to a wedding ceremony. Decks are flat surfaces capable of support weight, similar to a floor, but to be specifically constructed outdoors connected to a building. Now you know each of these options well, let’s start helping you to decide what decide what the best option for you is.

First of all, know your space at hand very well. Measure your available space and pre check the both options before, making sure of being as accurate as possible. Also, remember to check the surrounding terrain where the construction will be done, as it affects the structure directly. On more hilly terrains, decks overall are most suitable due to gazebos infrastructure particularities don’t adapt well to non-plain surfaces. But if you have a place full of trees or too close to your neighbors from any side, a gazebo can be the ideal option, as it could provide you more flexibility. Remember to check the view from all sides as well, so you won’t repent after it for building a place to chill with non-pleasant look around.

Second, ask yourself: what do I need? Both buildings can be great if used well, as the two options provide you a place to relax and to be close to nature, as well to increase your house value. If you want to enjoy more fresh air and be more expose to sunlight for awesome tan, a deck will be great for you. Gazebos are covered; they’re more appropriated to a family meal outside or as a peaceful outdoor sanctuary. For grilling outside, the ideal option is a deck, as it is more connected to the kitchen and the house overall, making it easier to cook and carry food or dishes. A gazebo is not ideal for grilling, as it is roofed, creating an unpleasant cloudy and smoky environment. Resuming:  deck if you want a more outdoor and close to house feeling, and gazebo for a more conceptual art look a bit far from the home itself.

Third: quote it very well. Consider all aspects with your contractor before signing anything, remembering to pay attention on size, complexity, materials and building time. As decks are more simple structures than gazebos, it generally are not pre-fabricated, by the time gazebos are pre design and pre-fabricated, being transported in kits to the place and then just installed. Check the references from the contractor and make sure to get the best in the area, as well the best price with best service too.