For any home with a deck, it is crucial to consider what color it will be. For some homes, it will be the first that outsiders and guests will see. If you are in the market to choose what color works well for your deck, you may want to pay attention to today’s article. Here are six popular deck color choices for this year:


White decks look clean, classy and timeless.

White has always been associated with suburbia. White decks often accompany white picket fences and the whole thing just inspires thought of home and comfort. White continues to persist as a popular color because through the years, there have been vast improvements to paint and have made white tougher and less prone to staining or dirt.

Light Brown

A brown deck is easy to maintain and looks traditional.

A common color for decks would be light earth tones. Light brown is a popular choice as it is lighter towards the eyes and light will not be as glaring. It inspires feelings of relaxation and Zen.


Gray decks look modern and elegant.

Gray colored decks have been enjoying a surge in its popularity through the years. The neutral hue of gray helps to add to the coolness of the home to one’s eyes. It also helps to direct the guests toward other features of the house that might be colored differently.

It is a relaxed and subdued hue that is appreciated by homeowners that just want a regular but expensive looking deck.


Blue decks are calming and very striking.

Quite a different direction from the more subdued colors on this list, blue—specifically ocean blue—has been enjoying a surge in its popularity. It helps to provide an eye-popping deck that just draws the attention of the people on it.

Blue has often been associated with feelings of calm and joy. Not only does the deck get to look a whole lot different from the usual decks but it adds a psychological element to its purpose.

Dark Brown

Dark brown decks are very easy to maintain and has the country flare.

A stark difference from the lighter brown color that was featured earlier on this list. Dark brown deck colors help to add a neutral pop of color. Darker colored ‘wood’ is often touted as being more expensive and can trick guests into thinking the deck costs more than in actually does.

The end result is a sleek looking deck that maintains a natural aesthetic that adds a homey feel when you are entertaining your guests.


Black decks are majestic and modern.

This dark tone of color is quite popular because it automatically adds a classic and dramatic look for any deck and home. It is often paired with white railings and even a dark colored house. It automatically stands out from the rest of the decks.

The possible monochromatic look for a deck is a great way to add style to a deck without having to rely on furnishings.

Before You Pick a Color

You should consult everyone who will live in that home. After all, a deck is a family affair and not one that is just kept to the parents. The deck is where a lot of family moments will be had so it is important to pick a hue that everyone will be happy with.

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